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Careers - why working with us

Make the World your workplace.

Consulting engineering is a professional service that provides independent expertise in engineering, science and related areas to governments, industries, developers and construction firms. Consulting engineering provides opportunities for engineers and other professionals with a wide variety of technical and personal skills:

  1. a wide range of ages and experience levels
  2. business development skills
  3. business, financial and administrative expertise
  4. construction knowledge and experience
  5. every kind of technical specialization
  6. managerial expertise
  7. project managers

HJK Consulting Engineers core values are represented by

  1. Clients Come First
  2. Diversity
  3. Expanding the Art of the Possible
  4. Integrity
  5. Partnership
  6. Respect for the Individual
  7. Shaping the Future
  8. The Strategic Perspective
  9. Value Delivered

If you can find yourself within the above, you enjoy changing challenges, working on projects worldwide, you are very warm welcome filing your initiative application under