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The key to project implementation or project execution success is excellent management in scope, time and cost.

This principles are staying vaild for any industry, it doesn't make any difference if we are talking about iron and steel industry, oil and gas industry, chemical or petrochemical industry, energy or environment.

Doing like this, it of course requires professionals fully understanding how to handle task like:

  1. taking action, being in-line with contract and/or programs & plans
  2. analyzing, reporting, communicating & documenting all work, making decisions & implementing changes, etc.
  3. implementing and execution of QA/QC hold points & milestones

Simply, always being fully aware of how to follow respectively fulfills the triple constraint: "Project Scope Management, Project Time Management & Project Cost Management".

Being focused on the "big picture" concerning YOUR investments, HJK Consulting Engineers provides full services in project implementation.

Project Initiation Project Planning Project Execution Project Closure Post-Project Phase
Market study Process design review Contract development Project cost analysis Operational assistance
Pre-feasibility study Basic design review ITB documentation Execution performance analysis Project achievement analysis
Feasibility study Basic engineering review Bid evaluation HSE performance analysis Milestones & deliveries performance analysis
Bankable feasibility study Layout review Contract negotiation support QA/QC performance analysis Knowledge transfer support
Conceptual study 3D modeling Project implementation support Change management analysis Lessons learned transfer support
Risk analysis Commissioning support
HSE program Cost control & change management
QA/QC program & strategy Manufacturing inspection
HSE performance support