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General terms and conditions as published by Austrian Association of Consulting Engineers (ACA)

ACA General Terms and Conditions

Industry Energy Saving Potentials - Green Steel

Industry Energy Saving Potentials - Green Steel

Atmospheric Water Supply

Atmospheric Water Supply

Dual Vocational Training - Apprentice Ship

Dual Vocational Training

Submerged Casting Stopper Rod vs Slide Gate System

Stopper Rod vs Slide Gate System

Quick Guide to ATEX / NCE System

ATEX / NCE Quick Guide

Quick Guide to CE Marking

CE Mark Quick Guide

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Trainings / Seminars

SEAISI 06OCT21 - How to Improve Profitability in Commodidty Grade Structural Steels

Steel Times 20SEP21 - Industry 4.0 and Steelmaking

AIST 10JUN21 - H2 Injection Into the Blast Furnace

Steel Times 03JUN21 - The Mill of the Future. How to succeed in Digital Transformation Confirmation

AIST 25MAY21 - Environmental Sustainability and Energy Conservation

Steel Times 20MAY21 - Coatings For Steel – New Technologies and Breakthroughs Confirmation

AIST 06MAY21 - Decarbonizing Background and Current BF Fuel Strategies

Steel Times 22APR21 - In-Line Measurement and Testing Confirmation

Steel Times 08APR21 - Laser Measurement Technology and the Steel Industry

AIST 01APR21 - AI Benefits Combining Process Control Data With High-Performance Hot Temperature Rod Surface Defect Detection Technologies for Bar and Rod Mill Products

AIST 11MAR21 - One Heat Pot Balance to Check Entry Strip Temperature

SEAISI 03MAR21 - Process Optimization for Cost Saving and Effective Steel Production

AIST 29APR20 - Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOF) Operations and Management During COVID-19

Steel Times 21OCT20 - Future Trends in Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)

AIST 23FEB21 - Direct Reduced Ironmaking (DRI) Technology