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HJK Consulting Engineers mission is to provide customers with solutions' tailor made to meet their specific challenges enabling them to profit from the advanced use of the expert experience and knowledge of its worldwide network of industries professionals’.

With its global group of senior experts from industry, research centers' & universities, HJK Consulting Engineers provides a wide range of services within mining, iron and steel (metallurgical) industry, oil and gas industry, duly focusing in optimizing profitability of your operations.

Within the range of services as professional engineering consulting firm we also cover front-end engineering activities for green field, brown field and turnaround projects. Especially when it comes to modernization, revamping, relocation of existing plants, close cooperation with our professional survey partner’s state of the art laser scanning survey technology allows significant time and cost savings in view of “as-built” documentation required for re-engineering purposes. To ensure quality in engineering along with HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) requirement fulfillment as well as best possible process design, our partner company provides state of the art solutions to complex engineering issues by implementation of FEA, CFD analysis, virtual product development in strict accordance with relevant industry standards.

Professional research work such as market and feasibility studies grant our customers the best possible basis for decision making with regard to investments in the mining, iron and steel sector, as well as in the oil and gas sector, energy and environmental technologies Please feel free to download your personal copy from the underneath information on Plant Data and Market Research Data, thank you for contacting us for further support.