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It is what we all owe our children; this is why HJK Consulting Engineers declares one of its missions within our business line and philosophy, to provide first class dual vocational training including tailored solutions, all in cooperation with well-respected governmental institutions and/or organizations.

PHILOSOPHY: Apprenticeship in the company and/or institution & vocational education at vocational schools in one course.

Austria has a long standing experience in the training and education of highly skilled personnel and over the years developed its „Dual Vocational Education and Training System (DVETS)“.

Large companies such as iron and steel plants, chemical enterprises and metal industries have built their own Training Centres' comprising e.g.

  1. Equipment
  2. Teaching software
  3. Instructors

to care for their specific demand of skilled personnel

This training know-how is adjusted accumulated over decades and made fit for international and cross cultural demands.

Advantages for Employers: Advantages for Trainees:
Secures the skilled labour needed Receiving tasks according to growing abilities
Reduces cost of settling-in Gain employee's knowing companies workflow
Increases motivation and loyalty to company Benefit from knowledge about hard & soft skills from more experienced co-workers
Job-specific qualification Student development under real conditions
Productive performance of trainees Student earns money from the beginning